PM Modi Thrashes Vijay Mallya Harshly: Says “People Who Looted The Country Will Have To Pay”


modi vs mallaya

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that those who had looted the poor and the middle classes in the past will have to return what they had looted.

“Indeed. There is no place for corruption in India. Those who looted the poor and middle classes will have to return what they have looted,” Modi said on Twitter in response to a tweet by a follower.

He was responding to a tweet by a follower who wrote that “corruption not only robs us of hard earned money but also of our dignity.”

Mallya, who has been declared a proclaimed offender, was arrested in London by Scotland Yard on Indias request for his extradition in a loan default case.

Mallya was arrested on behalf of the Indian authorities in relation to accusations of fraud,” a Metropolitan Police statement said.

Senior Indian officials described his arrest as the first salvo in the case, which will now involve a legal process in the UK to determine if Mallya can be extradited to India to face charges in Indian courts.

In response to another tweet, Modi wrote, “India’s farmers are the nation’s pride. Their hardwork feeds millions. We are doing everything possible for their welfare




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