This Man Looks Like Obama! Claims He Can’t Leave The House! Reason Will Shock You


There are some uncanny cases of people looking like celebrities in this world. Movie legend Jack Nicholson’s son is a pretty good doppelganger for acting star Leonardo DiCaprio, while the man himself looks like he’s turning into the former.There’s also a man in Iran who looks like Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi.

But do they come any better than looking like the former president of the United States, Barack Obama. Well, Jose Oliveira is so close to looking like Barack that people think it’s ACTUALLY him.

Jose Oliveira, a father of 5, looks so similar to Obama that people actually call him his brother. The resemblance is so uncanny that he can’t step out of his house without someone mistaking him of Obama. Jose who is a tourist guide by profession tells-

“So I am always meeting new people and their reaction is always the same. As soon as they see me they say, ‘Oh my God, you look just like Obama!’.

Jose who likes the love he gets from people doesn’t mind clicking some selfies with them.

“I find it very funny and I don’t mind posing for photographs with people. I have at least 15 photographs and selfies taken every day.”

You have to admit, it’s a pretty close resemblance.

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