“Well, the movie s*cked more than I s*cked ***” Mia Khalifa Gave Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’ A Savage Review!


Mia Khalifa needs no introduction. She has been the hub of many scandals. She was last in the news when she slammed a dude for getting Mia’s pictures inked on his leg. Now, Mia is in the eye of another for reviewing a movie.

We are speaking about Christopher Nolan’s ‘DUNKIRK’. The War movie which was praised by everyone,  In Mia Khalifa’s video rant, she is seen talking about the film and why she hated it.  She went on to Tweet about the film too. She wrote,

In the video review, she says,

“I don’t know if the whole thing lasted 23 hours or if the rescue mission took two-and-a-half-months.”

However, most of them immediately lashed out at her for making such a cheap and derogatory tweet on a reputed movie. Well, you can read some of the best response from the netizens below,

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