Mia Khalifa Made This Player An Irresistible Offer, What She Got In Return Is Hilarious AF!


mia khalifa trolled nba player

Porn star Mia Khalifa tried to entertain with words rather than her body as her beloved Washington Wizards defeated Boston Celtics in Game 6 of their Eastern Conference semi-finals.

This happened before the match of “Celtics” and “Wizards” in Boston; it seems, Mia was trying to distract the player(Isaiah Thomas) by giving him an irresistible offer. Well, Mia is a Wizards fan and so, she wanted to divert the attention of Celtic’s point guard Isaiah.

Mia said she will let him touch her breasts if he can reach them, LOL. If you haven’t understood the pun, let us tell you that the star is trying to take a jibe at the player’s height.

The irony being; Khalifa currently stands at 5′ 2″, a full seven inches shorter than the man she was gently trolling.

Something that many fans were quick to point out…

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