20 Things Only Indians Do In The Whole World


India is a country of mixed culture. We don’t have a single culture or single race overpowering the other. Since our born, we’re taught to live in harmony with others and to be honest, we have no other way around! Despite we’re vastly different, there are a few things that we all do in common and those things define the typical Indian spirit in us. Here are 20 such Indian things that only Indians do in whole world and none other!

*Making dam of rice to hold the pool of daal*

*Parents sneaking into kids mobiles. No respect to privacy at all!*

*Checking out veg and non-veg dots in every product. In foreign, people don’t even care whether it’s veg or non-veg! In fact, they don’t have any such symbols.*

*Reusing old or torn clothes as ‘pochha’.*

*Sticky stickers on new utensils*

*Asking for extra puri after finishing your quota of panipuri.*

*Playing gully cricket and using almost anything as a stump!*

*Using toothpaste by squeezing it till the last atom is in there.*

*Doing Naagin Dance in weddings*

*Asking for free dhaniya, mirch is sort of human right.*

*Cows and dogs on streets roaming without worries.*

*Mom giving you dahi-shakkar before leaving for an important work!*

*Using soap remains by sticking it to new soap.*

*Doing kala tika to save kids and good looking people from ill-sights!*

*Playing with numbers on number plate to make it look cool or sound like a name!*

*Putting a god’s idol or photos in front of driver seat.*

*Feeding kids and animals to celebrate particular days or to fulfill rituals.*

*Respecting books as goddess Saraswati. You can’t touch a book by your feet, and if you do, you ask apologies from goddess Saraswati*

*Breaking a coconut with a car’s wheel when driving a car for the first time or for marriage.*

*And the most Indian one- sleeping in mother’s lap irrespective of your age*

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