6 Logical Mistakes In Bahubali 2 You Probably Didn’t Notice!


With all the respect to SS Rajamouli, we accept that Bahubali 2 is a phenomenal movie in all the aspects. From its star cast to its visuals to everything in its execution makes the movie a milestone in he history of Indian cinema. However, when you’re making such a huge movie, it’s almost impossible to make it 100% flawless.

If you’ve watched Bahubali 2, you must have been immersed enough in the movie to not notice a single flaw, but being a critical movie audience, we couldn’t help but notice some flaws that will catch your interest for sure. Here are 6 movie mistakes in Bahubali 2 you probably didn’t notice!

  1. When Katappa kills Bahubali there is a dead body behind him and no stone, but in the very next scene he is sitting on a stone and there is no dead body!Bahubali 2 Movie Mistake 1

2. During the last war scene in movie when Bahubali and his troupe come flying in drum form, they use their shield to beat the enemy, but there is no handle in shields so how did they hold it while flying on the first place?

Bahubali 2 Movie Mistake 4

3. The fight between Bhallaldeva & Bahubali shows crack on the ground after immense weapon hit by Bhallal, but in this scene you can see there was already a crack before the stroke! Bahubali 2 Movie Mistake 2

4. While there is a stream of blood above Bahubali’s eye in his front view, there is no blood stream over his eyes in the side view!

Bahubali 2 Movie Mistake 3

5. When Bahubali & Devsena are fighting using their bows, arrows don’t seem to run out. Despite they’re using 3 arrows at a time they keep shooting arrows nonstop!Bahubali 2 Movie Mistake 5

6. In the first part of movie, they have shown Bhallaldeva’s son Bhadra. We all expected to see Bhallal’s wife in the 2nd installation but there is none! So where did the son come from?
Bahubali 2 Movie Mistake 6

So had you noticed them? Well, probably 1 or 2 of them, right? Have you noticed any other mistake in the movie too? Please share it in the comment, we would like to add it in this list!

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