11 Movies Banned In India That You Shouldn’t Watch With Your Parents


Banned movies in india

Indian Censor Board is famous for banning a lot of films. Many films are banned based on their sexually explicit content, crude language, substance abuse, or if they have potential to disrupt the harmony of the society. Here are some of the movies and documentaries that were banned by the censor board of our country:

50 Shades of Grey

It was banned by the CBFC thanks to its many sex scenes, something that Indians must not be exposed to, according to the Censor Board.


The film examined same sex relationships and religious fundamentalism in India. The director Raj Amit Kumar was told by the Board that film will cause clashes between Hindus and Muslims, and will provoke “unnatural passions”.

Lipstick Under My Burkha

The CBFC denied a rating to the film.

The Painted House

The CBFC denied a rating to film for containing nudity. They suggested the scenes should be blurred or deleted.

Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love

There were several erotic scenes in this film depicting heterosexuality and homosexuality that led to the ban.

Bandit Queen

Based on the life of the famous dacoit – Phoolan Devi, this Shekar Kapur movie got banned as it depicts scenes of rape, nudity and sexual humiliation in addition to containing abusive language.

Dirty Grandpa

In this adult comedy, Robert De Niro plays a widower who goes on a road trip to Florida with his grandson and tries his luck with hot bikini clad women on Daytona Beach. Wondering why this film was banned?


During the filming of this movie, the crew were confronted with numerous protesters at Varanasi. These protesters also created a havoc on the sets by burning some equipment. It faced numerous oppositions when it was filmed in Uttar Pradesh. It portrayed ostracism and misogyny towards the widows in the rural areas.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

This mystery-thriller movie depicted scenes of intense torture and rape. The censor board suggested some cuts, but the director refused to do so and it ultimately resulted in the film being banned.

The Pink Mirror

Another movie that was banned on the basis of homosexuality. The Pink Mirror also portrayed transsexuals and transgenders in the movie. This was clearly too much for the censor board to digest and it ultimately banned the movie.


Odds are that you might have heard about this brilliant Bengali film which came into the limelight in 2010. The film was basically a rap musical which captures the complicated life of the protagonist who is referred to as ‘Gandu’ by others. Even though the film received great critical acclaim abroad, including the  Berlin International Film Festival and Slamdance Film Festival, it was banned in India. The film courted much controversy owing to certain oral sex scenes and nudity and was eventually not released in the country.

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