#Nokia3310Relaunch: Here’s The 1st Teaser & We Already Can’t Wait Anymore


Nokia 3310 is often called the indestructible and most reliable phone ever made. Launched back in 2001 as a replacement of Nokia 3210, the phone turned out to be one of the most successful Nokia phones of all times. Just last week, various media reports hinted at the possibility of the comeback of Nokia 3310 at MWC 2017 Conference to be held in Barcelona.

HM Global, a Finnish manufacturer who now owns the right to market the Nokia brand, is apparently considering launching a revamped version of the Nokia 3310, almost six years after the dearth of its original variant.

Along the similar lines, here’s a teaser of new Nokia 3310, which is created by Concept Creator The Nokia 3310 design, on the other hand, remains largely unchanged in the video, with the same Nokia Navi Key and alphanumeric keyboard that the original handset sported.

Here’s the another video which shows Nokia 3310 has dual cameras, fingerprint scanner, and the iconic Nokia boot screen and sound.

Whatever the design and specs, fans are surely excited about the new phone, which comes about 17 years after the initial Nokia 3310 was announced. Almost 128 million units of the Nokia 3310 were sold worldwide, so it will be interesting to see how many units the modern version manages to sell.

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