A Pak Fan Shouted Shami “Baap Kaun Hai” & He Responded Like A Boss Showing Who The Real Dad Is!


The ICC Champions Trophy 2017 tournament has finally come to an end with Pakistan winning the title for the first time by defeating arch rivals team India in the final at the Oval on Sunday. Considering the previous ICC events records, India was termed as Pakistan’s ‘Baap’ owing to their better history against Pakistan.

As the Indian team was returning to the pavilion, a couple of Pakistani fans resorted to using some cheap and objectionable language against our players.

A fan was hearing shouting at Kohli saying,” Toot gayi teri akkad.”

He further went on to mock the players by repeatedly asking “baap kaun hai.”

Mohammed Shami who did not play in the series except for the warm-up matches wasn’t in a mood to take the comments lightly. He angrily confronted the fan asking him to repeat what he said. MS Dhoni, however, had to intervene asking Shami to silently move upstairs and not react to the abusive fan.

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