‘Who has a bigger dick, Dwayne or Zac?’: Here’s How Priyanka Reacted To The Most Awkward Question Yet!


Americans and their bold ways leave us stunned at times! If ‘Koffee With Karan’ is all about sexual innuendos, one of its American counterparts, chat show ‘Watch What Happens Live’, hosted by the very undaunted Andy Cohen, is ten steps ahead and the flamboyant anchor really likes to ask the dirtiest of questions.

So when Priyanka Chopra featured on one of its episodes for promoting ‘Baywatch’, Andy knew right away he had to ask the question everyone is dying to find out- between Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, who’s got a bigger dick? All Priyanka could come up with was, “That was not part of the question.” Check out her reaction:

Furthermore, Priyanka was also asked whether or not she and Nick Jonas are seeing each other. Considering Nick was her date to the Met Gala and the two were wearing clothes from the same designer label (Ralph Lauren), speculations were rife that something was brewing between the duo. However, Pee Cee quashed all such rumours, and said, “We didn’t have much time. Maybe the next time we meet.”

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