Simple Psychology Hacks to Manipulate People & Situations for Your Benefits


Psychology empowers people to convert simple routine activities into high pay-off  interactions. The tricks are usually simpler and only demand careful consideration and implementation from your side. So here we are sharing 20 quite simple but quite useful psychological hacks that you can use to manipulate the people around you and generate the best out of your routine activities.




  • 1. Notice the unique words people speak and use those words when talking with them. It will make them feel closer to you.

  • 2. Keep your hands crossed and keep nodding your head while talking. It will make them believe that you are listening to him/her carefully even when you are not.

  • 3. When you are one among few weak targets, being a less weaker one will save you from the harm.

    For example, one of my friend’s rich uncle having costly property used to keep an old watchman at his home who was barely capable to protect himself. When my friend asked him the reason, his uncle replied that even though the watchman was quite weak to protect his house, his house had lesser or almost zero chance to be attacked by thieves because other houses in his society had no watchman at all. So simply, why would a thief try to steal from a house with watchman when there were few other safer options to do that. The trade-off here was having a threat mechanism –a watchman– didn’t matter how older or how stronger he was!

  • 4. Instead of saying no for anything, change your sentence to “I can do if”, That way you won’t be denying and neither doing it.

    For example, if a client is wanting you to create a website for him and you know that he won’t pay more than 20k Rs for it, and you don’t want to take that project, you can simply tell him that I can do if you can pay me 30k Rs. In that case, you won’t say him no and neither be doing that project.

  • 5. Keep moving and making gestures with your hands while delivering presentations instead of standing at one place. It will present you as a confident and impressive one and conceal your nervousness.

  • 6. Sprinkle a mild perfume or talc before going on date or meeting and keep yourself clean. Fragrance can greatly affect the others mood while conversing.

  • 7. Before asking anybody for help, introduce them with something impressive about you and ask the him to let you talk with the higher authority. This will make them listen you carefully and you can put your actual conversation then.

    For example, if you are a marketing executive and are calling your possible prospect for a design quotation, introduce yourself like- “Hi, Darshan here from Mike Sierra, Ahmedabad, can you please hand over this phone to your business manager?”. This way the receiver will feel as if it is something important and will tend to listen you more carefully.

  • 8. If you want to get attention from a highly attractive or popular person, stay around her, talk with people around her and don’t look at her as if she’s not there. She will then notice you and try to initiate conversation with you.

  • 9. If you want to propose someone, don’t ask her directly for it. First tell her that this is something really important so please think upon it carefully and then tell her response the next day.

    Handover a written paper piece saying “I love you. It took a great courage and many months of confusion to handover this. So please don’t be rude and do let me know what you feel. It would be a dream come true if you be mine. Do I stand a chance? Can I prove it and be your special one with all my hearts? Ignore this if your answer is no or decide what to do if your answer is yes. Please take your time if you are unsure.” to her and tell her to read it in personal only after you have gone.

  • 10. This way, you will be able to know and face the answer she has, no matter what, and it won’t get awkward too.

  • 11. Use people’s name while talking to them. Name is the dearest word people love to listen. It will make them instantly pay attention to you.

  • 12. Smile before initiating communication. It will mostly bring the positive response or at least a bearably negative one.

  • 13. Above all, read the Dale Carnegie’s “How to win friends and influence the people” It is the best book you can ever read and absorb for making people and situations work in your favor.

  • 14. Instead of explaining people about your opinion directly, keep a habit to present your views with examples and analogies. People tend to easily accept opinions after listening to examples.

  • 15. People tend to happily repay the favors you do to them. So whenever you help someone and she thanks you for that, instead of saying her “No problem”, tell her that she/he can pay the favor back in future by helping you the next time when you need her. This way you will always have someone to help you out in life.

  • 16. If you want a person to not change her words and complete her promise in future, take the promise in public or where somebody else is listening her. People tend to prove themselves more ethical when it’s known publicly.

  • 17. People value the things more which are scarce for them so before selling your service, tell your client that you might be late than their expected time as you have few other projects in queue too. Thus your client will be instantly impressed and will insist herself to work with you only and give you better price in turn.

  • 18. Become a bad liar. Convince people that you are a bad liar by speaking silly lies to them that they can easily catch and they will start believing that you can not lie efficiently.

  • 19. If you are appearing for an interview, try to be either first or last person to face the interviewer. People tend to remember the first and last appearances more.

  • 20. To make people discuss about something unexpected, try putting an anecdote or incident instead of direct question. This way, the other person will be tempted to present his opinion about the incident or anecdote and unknowingly.

  • 21. Compliment people’s view of themselves to make them your friends. If they think they’re funny, laugh at their jokes. If they think they’re smart, inquire about that subject. This way they will eventually start feeling closer to you.

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