#SteveJobsOfMicrosoft? Top 10 Rahul Gandhi Blunders That’ll Make You ROFL


It isn’t quite unknown fact that Rahul Gandhi is quite poor at public speaking. Even when he is giving a manuscript speech, he loses the track. While we have no interest in any political party, it’s always quite entertaining for us to see Rahul Gandhi’s speeches. He often seems dumbstruck and unaware of what he is speaking. This absent-mindedness has not put him into the trouble but it has definitely made him probably the most mocked upon politician in our country. 

Due to the Modi-favored environment, people are often waiting for Rahul Gandhi to make another blunder and defame him again. His recent blooper at a leading business school NMIMS, was quite misrepresented by a Twiterrati and got viral.



Though it’s clearly audible that Rahul Gandhi has spoken “Steve Jobs & Microsofts” and not a phrase like “Steve Jobs of Microsoft”, the hashtag #SteveJobsofMicrosoft was made viral and people posted funny responses about it. Nevertheless, some bloopers that Rahul Gandhi has made in past are seriously hilarious and can make even the most serious person laugh.

1.  Ab emotional baat kehna chahta hoon. Dil ki baat kehna chahta hoon.  
*Almost 1 min of silence
This “Morning”, I got up at “Night”.

2. Politics is everywhere. It’s in your shirts, it’s in your pants…it’s everywhere.

3. Punjab main 7 main se 10…..10 main se 7 yuvaon ko drugs ki problem hai

4. 21 vi sadi ka Saudi Arabia,
human resource ka Saudi Arabia….. Hindustan hai

5. Gujarat is bigger than the United Kingdom. In fact, India is bigger than Europe and USA put together.

6. Aur Gujarat main 1 main se 2 bachha, bachche malnourished hai

7. Gujarat ko agar kisine khada kiya hai…. Gujarat ko kisi ne khada kiya hai. Gujarat ko Amul diya hai, Gujarat ko dudh diya hai to is taraf dekhiye. In mahilao ne diya hai. Gujarat ki mahilaon ne diya hai.

8. Aapko kya lagta hai, mahilaon ko kya lagta hai….izzat ki aapki?
Bhrashtachar kiya. (After a pause.)
Balatkar, sorry, balatkar.

9. You are in the airline industry. So you are in the aircraft industry? “Yes”. The aircraft has tyres so you are in the rubber industry? “Yes”. The aircraft has people so you are in the food industry? “yes”. So how can you tell me that you are working in just aircraft industry?

10. Agar aap yuva karyakarta se baat kare, agar aap mahila congress ke karyakarta se baat kare….pehli baar who keh rahe hai ki bhai…maza aaya. Aur main yeh jo maza hai, Hindustan ke har vyakti ko dena chahta hoon.

Didn’t get enough of it? Here’s a generously humorous re-mix of Rahul Gandhi’s PARTY ANTHEM – “Congress Party Ko Desh Se Nikalo”. 


Hope you had lots of laughs reading and watching this stuff. Anyways, what do you think our politicians need in treatment? Whether it’s Modi or Rahul Gandhi or Kejriwal or anyone else; what or who do you think needs to get kicked or changed?

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