Rakhi Sawant Has A Special Message For Trump & It Will Leave You In Splits


rakhi slams trump

Rakhi Sawant is back in action and this time she has a special message to give to Donald Trump. In a round of questions asked to the melodramatic Queen of India, Rakhi tells us what she actually feels about the quirky President of the United States of America.

rakhi slams trump

Sawant, who is a consummate showperson, was asked by India times to “review” US President Donald Trump and some his controversial actions and boy, did she.

So the video begins with Rakhi cribbing about Donald Trump for calling women ugly. She has criticised him left, right and center for having such derogatory thoughts about women, but then, she also expresses her desire to marry him. But now that he has become old, Rakhi can make-do with a dinner date with him.

Watch the video below. You may find it entertaining!

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