Russian Tourist Begs Outside A Temple! Reason Will Let You Shocked


Have you ever heard a foreigner begging in India?! I am sure not and there is proof where a tourist is seen begging for alms just outside a temple in Tamil Nadu! You must be wondering what made this guy beg and where did all his money go?!

Well, Evangelin (24) found himself in a fix when he could not withdraw money using his ATM card as its PIN was locked. Left with no option, the tourist decided to seek alms outside the temple.

As per a report , Evangelin arrived in India on September 24th and came to Kancheepuram on Tuesday morning from Chennai.

“We checked his travel documents, passport and visa. All documents are perfectly valid. He had spent all his money and was not sure how to reach Chennai,” a police officer told Deccan Chronicle.

Eventually, the officers helped him with some money to travel to Chennai.

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