Remember Sahil Khan From ‘Style’? He’s Pulling Off A Dan Bilzerian & You Can Just Envy Him!


In case you don’t remember him, he’s the Bollywood actor who started his career with Sharman Joshi in popular movies ‘Style’ & ‘Excuse Me’. When he was launched, he was an instant hit, but movies couldn’t help his career much while Sharman Joshi strived.

Though Sahil Khan did movies like ‘Double Cross’ & ‘Ramaa- The Savior’, it didn’t help his career much. So he decided to give more time and efforts to body building and bang he’s a super hit!

Nowadays Sahil Khan owns a gym and is one of the most sought after Indian celebrity among workout freaks in India and around the world.

Recently he went abroad and had a lavish vacation. Above everything else, he shared his pics on Instagram and oh my god we’re deeply jealous. In his recent vacation pics, he’s looking like Dan Bilzerian of India pulling off some lush holidays at expensive yachts and buying ridiculously expensive stuff.

All we can think after seeing his pics is we need three things as soon as possible in our lives- girls, lots of money & holidays!

She need it Rest ??? @beli_bae ?????vitamin D ??????? #ITrainYourTrainer

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