Sultan Movie Review: Worth Your Bucks or Not?


So, guys Sultan is out finally and if you are a fan of Bhaijan, you must have been eagerly waiting for this movie. This 90 cr movie got people’s expectation quite high obviously as it is starring Salman Khan, but has it lived up to its expectation? Well, let’s find out. We have just finished watching Sultan and can definitely help you out on whether you should spend some couple of hundred bucks for this movie or not.

Sultan’s story revolves around a Hariyana resident Sultan Ali Khan who falls in love with a wrestler and is so impressed with her wrestling that he decides to be a wrestler to marry her. However, life has decided something else for him. On his way to become a wrestler, he faces ups and downs that affect his personal and professional life. To end the chaos in his life, he decides to fight one very important fight of his life. A Delhi businessman Aakash & a coach help him come back to life.

The heart of Sultan is of course Salman Khan himself and he seems to have delivered one of the finest performances of his career as Sultan Khan. The way he has carried his character is the core strength of Sultan. While Salman has brilliantly carried Sultan’s character, Anushka shines bright too as Arfa. It is truly a treat to see Salman khan wrestling and getting dirty in the Hariyanvi sand. Co-actors Amit Sadh and Randeep Hooda have also done their job brilliantly leaving no scope of criticism at least about acting in the movie.

Visuals of the movie are typical Ali Zafar visuals as we saw in his Gunday. Camera work is always spot on and each frame of movie is captured as it should be. It’s neither a clumsy nor too neat, it’s just what fits in the story- a 2nd tier culture that flourishes in remote small towns.

One of the most best elements of this movie is its audio work. The background music fits perfectly as the story progresses and songs complement the situations as well. The title track brings gust in some vital moments and all tracks in the movie are hummable and relatable with the story.  However, the music is not too good. It is just significantly better than most of the Bollywood movies.

The first half of film is very well managed as it brilliantly sets the background for second half and is not boring at all. With some flashy moments in this interval, the Bhaijan fans would rock the theatres with whistles and cheers. However, in the second half, the movie starts lagging. Everything that happens in the second half is quite predictable and is typically Bollywoody. Despite the story’s emotional and entertainment value is high, it could have been crispier with some fine editing.

If you expect this movie to be a sports (wrestling, to be precise) oriented movie, you will be hugely disappointed. The story is more about Sultan and Arfa’s love and there are not many fights in the movie. Of a couple of fights shown in Sultan, there is no single fight scene that will keep you sheer on the edge of your seat. You know what will happen but you enjoy it nonetheless.

Sultan is definitely the weekend entertainer. It’s a high-on-emotions typical YRF movie that will succeed to woo Salman fans. Even if you’re not a Salman fan, you will enjoy the movie due to its solid storyline that, however, could be trimmed a bit more to remove clichéd moments of boredom.

Overall, Sultan is a good story with typical Bollywood elements. It’s a perfect treat for your weekend and you will love to go for the movie with your whole family. Just don’t expect it to be too realistic or too extra ordinary.

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