Sundar Pichai Kept His Promise & Delivers The Correct Burger & Beer Emoji In 30 Days


The beauty of microblogging site Twitter is such, anyone can reach out to the important people on the site and get their issues addressed.

If you don’t remember, a famous author named Thomas Baekdal took to Twitter to talk about the cheese placement in the burger emoji of Google and also showed that Apple places the cheese slice above the patty.

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai also noticed the tweet and promised that it will be the first thing that will be discussed on Monday.

Just after that, the discussion moved over to the beer emoji:

And looks like Pichai legit dropped everything and got the burger emoji fixed.

The new emoji was tweeted out by Emojipedia captioned, “@sundarpichai delivers: Google has fixed their burger emoji.” The emoji got the update in Android 8.1 version.

Moreover, even the beer emoji which showed a half-filled beer mug has been updated to a fully filled one with the latest update.

As this is a beta update, no changes are final, and these could change prior to the public release, Emojipedia added.

Baekdal who had initiated the debate was a happy man.

“It’s official ;)” he tweeted.

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