Sunil Grover Bashes Kapil Sharma In An Open Letter & We Can’t Agree More. Kapil Deserves This


As we all know lately, situation is not going well between Kapil Sharma & Sunil Grover. The show that bought comedy genre to the hit table of Indian TV industry is nowadays in limelight for all the wrong reasons. If you believe the sources, Kapil Sharma has insulted his co-star Sunil Grover after getting drunk. Apart from abusing him verbally, he also raised hand over the co-star. However, Sunil Grover very gracefully carried the situation and stayed calm. As the news went viral, Kapil Sharma had to write an open letter talking about the whole controversy.

kapil sharma's open letter to sunil grover

Now after the open letter on FB, Kapil has also made a public apology on Twitter and expressed his regret for the incident.

However, Sunil Grover doesn’t seem convinced at all. This is not the first time Kapil Sharma has did this, he is already poorly known for his treatment towards his junior actors in the show. Justifiably, Sunil Grover denied from accepting apology and wrote an open letter in reply. However, he remained a complete gentlemen!

Here’s what he wrote:

If by any chance you’re reading this, dear Sunil Grover, whether you played Gutthi, Dr.Gulati or Rinku bhabhi we all loved you a lot. And unarguably, you’re more loved by The Kapil Sharma Show fans than Kapil Sharma himself. You deserve all our respect for being such a gentleman. Respect!

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