11 Facts (& 10 World Records) of Dravid Even Cricket-haters Will Love


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There can’t be a single true Cricket lover who doesn’t know Dravid. In his 16 years long Cricket career, Dravid proved to be an asset for the Indian Cricket Team with his consistent backing performance, especially in Test Cricket. Dravid was born in a Marathi family in Madhya Pradesh and later shifted to Bangalore Karnataka. At the early age of 12, he started playing cricket and entered the International Indian Cricket Team stepping up from under-15, under-17 and under-19s gradually.


Despite his familiar introvert nature, Dravid has succeeded to make an indelible mark on the hearts of Indian Cricket lovers and on his birthday today, we feel proud to have such a great Cricketer in our country. In tribute of his excellence contribution as the Man In Blue, here are 21 absolutely awesome facts about Rahul Dravid that every Cricket Fan must know.


rahul dravid


Interesting facts about Rahul Dravid 


1. In June 2003, when Scotland team was admitted into International Cricket League for 3 years of trial period, Dravid was chosen by the Scottish coach Wright over Sachin Tendulkar to prepare the team for Internationals. Dravid also played 12 ODI matches being a part of team Scotland starting from June 2013 to the August end. The photo you see above is from his Scotland match.



2. Dravid holds the Bachelors Degree in Commerce and was selected in Indian National Cricket Team while studying MBA in St Joseph’s College of Business Administration.


3. He’s not called the Wall without a reason. He has 18 times came out to bat when India was 1 Wicket at 0 Runs. It’s a quite pressurizing responsibility when you are playing at International level.

4. Jammy is one of the Dravid’s nicknames which was given to him because his father Sharad Dravid worked for Kissan, a company that makes and preserves jams.
5. Despite such a long career, Dravid has had only two minor controversies in his career. Once, when the referee Clive Lloyd accused him for application of an energy sweet to the ball deeming it as a deliberate offence and once, when his folly decision to bat second in Mumbai became the reason of India losing again England in 1985.
6. His nickname “The Wall” wasn’t given by a person or politician but by an Ad agency Leo Burnett during 1996-97 for their Reebok ad campaigns.
7. Dravid used to be a hockey player in his school before he got affectionate towards Cricket.
8. He is also honoured with India’s 3rd and 4th highest civilian awards, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shree relatively.
9. A 27×15 feet wall was constructed in the tribute of Rahul Dravid near the main entrance of the M Chinnaswamy Stadium of Karnataka when he completed 10,000 test runs which is called “The Wall”.
10. Dravid is the only player in the history of cricket who made his debut and retired in the same match. He played his only International T20, against England in 2011 and scored 31 off 21.
11. Dravid proficiently speaks Marathi, Hindi, Kannada and English.



& His unbeatable world records:


1. Dravid contributed 23% of runs in 21 matches won by India during the captaincy of Ganguly, making the world record of the most runs made under captaincy of one captain by an individual player.
2. One unique world record Dravid possesses is of making 10,000 runs batting at 3rd position.
3. Throughout his Test career, Dravid has faced 31,258 deliveries. No other batsman has faced even 30,000 deliveries.
4. Dravid has the world record of not being ducked consecutively for 120 ODI matches.
5. Dravid is the longest single-inning player of India with his 740 minutes long Test inning against Pakistan in Rawalpindi in 2004.
6. He was the first ever player in Cricket history to form a 300 run partnership in the world cup, with a 318 runs partnership of Saurav Ganguly.
7. Dravid also holds the record for world’s 2nd and 3rd largest partnership in ODI cricket with his partnership with Sachin being 331 & with Ganguly being 318, both in 1999.


8. Dravid has the world record for the most 100 runs partnerships ever in Test cricket.



9. He is the only player till date to score a century in all the ten Test-playing countries.



10. He holds the world record of the most catches taken throughout the test cricket career, with 210 in his bucket!


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