This Simplest Diet Helped Bhumi Pednekar Lose 30 kgs


Our sedentary lifestyle makes us very much prone to obesity & gaining weight is probably one of the most unwanted situations of this fast food era. Lots of people consult doctors and try different tricks but hardly any of them seems to work. In this situation, having a simple, feasible solution for losing fat is nothing but pure gold. In this post, we are presenting our readers an inspiring case study of Bhumi Pednekar who lost almost unbelievable amount of weight on herself.

“Dum Laga Ke Haisha” fame “Bhumi Pednekar” had to go through this very unwanted fit-to-fat transformation for her chubby look in the movie. To play the role of an obese and hence body-shamed girl in Indian society, she piled dozens of kgs on her body. However, after the movie, she had to fit in the industry standards to continue getting work in Bollywood. This is why she decided to lose the weight.

This is how Bhumi looked in the movie “Dum Laga ke Haisha”


And this is how she looks now!


So how did she do it?

Initially she was hesitating to share her weight loss secret but upon being insisted, she revealed a very simple way to lose the weight. And she didn’t even contact to the dietician or nutritionist to lose this enviable 30 kg body fat.


To lose the weight she simply said no to refined sugar, wheat, and cheese and had lots of rice bran oil. Yes, it’s that easy.

If we look scientifically at this simple dieting trick, we come to know why such an easy diet helps you lose so much weight.

1 gm of fat provides you 9kcal and 1gm carbohydrate provides you 6kcal. So fat and carbohydrates are the most calorie piling elements of our food. On the other hand wheat and sugar are pure carbohydrate and sugar converts into glucose in our digestion system.  The sugar that is indigestible will convert into fat and clog inside your body like the normal fat does. This is why cheese, wheat and sugar are probably the most useless ingredients of our diet. The same goes for oil but you can still replace your oil with rice bran oil as you can’t avoid oil totally.

So, the tiny secret of losing weight is to put hold on sugar, wheat and cheese and replace your oil with rice bran oil. Please do share this post with your friends who are struggling with their obesity and are unable to find the solution. This simple solution definitely helps and the author of this post himself did lose 14 kgs weight following the same!

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