Top 5 Visa-free Beaches for Indians Worth Visiting This Summer


Summer vacations in almost schools and colleges are over, but summer is still not. While April/May is end of the vacation time, for Indians it is the beginning of lethal summer heat and hence the migration to the hill stations and tourist places. After all, what can be a better way to beat the summer heat than a week long vacation? And vacations become even better when you get to spend them on beaches.

For Indians, getting visa for foreign country is probably the worst headache in our way to vacation, but there are many places in world that allows Indians to visit without visa on some very acceptable conditions. So people who are planning a vacation outside of India- just don’t be sad, here are 10 of such great Islands and beaches where Indians can visit without visa.

5. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (allows 1 month without Visa)


Known as St. Vincent, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is an island country at the southern end of the eastern border of the Caribbean Sea. This beautiful island has tourist spots like Princess Margaret Beach, Botanical Gardens, Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary and Port Elizabeth that we have seen in many Bollywood movies. This multi-island Caribbean nation offers a combination of rainforest eco-adventures, scuba diving, classic Caribbean powder-white sand beaches, luxury accommodation and yachting or sailing adventures.

4. Palau (1 month without Visa)


Palau i.e. Republic of Palau is an island country located in the western Pacific Ocean spread over 250 islands. Palau hasextraordinary array of natural locations where you can tranquilize yourself.  With its largely pristinelime stones, volcanic islands, turquoise lagoons and emerald forests Palau is one of the world’s best places for diving. Palau has exciting seascape, fascinatingwrecks and stunningly diverse marine life. After you’re done with all this, you still can immerse yourself in kayaking,snorkelling and off-road driving. Not bad, what you say?

3. Jamaica (No time limit)


Situated amidst the Carribean Sea, Jamaica is said to be the melting pot of African, Asian, European and Middle Eastern Cultures. Jamaica offers long beaches, waterfalls, caves, protected coves, and rugged mountains. In this tiny, lovely island country, you can see a huge diversity in its crafts, performing arts and distinctive dining options.

2. Dominica (180 days without Visa)


Another great unspoiled island country Dominica is surrounded by untamed rainforest. Due to lack of local resorts and low number of International flights to Dominica, it has been spared from mass tourism and hence one of the best places for nature lovers especially. In Dominica you can do many activities like trekking to the bubbling lake, soothing yourself in hot sulfur springs, get pummeled by a waterfall, swim up a narrow gorge and snorkel in a glass of champagne. The list goes on.

1. Mauritius (90 dayswithout Visa)


Mark Twain once wrote “’Mauritius was made first and then heaven, heaven being copied after Mauritius.” Such is Mauritius with its vitalizing beautiful natural land and seascape. Even after so many years of human evolution, Mauritius has the purest blue water for what every other island must be jealous of Mauritius. Mauritius has beaches and tons of things to do, for which a week might not be enough actually. It has one of the best collections of birds any country has ever reserved.  You will enjoy your moments of leisure in Mauritius whether it is hiking the Black River Gorges National Park hoping for a glimpse of a Mauritian kestrel or heading out to sea to look for dolphins or whales or it is Rodrigues, the island where life is lived at just the pace you would love.

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