BB KI VINES Mashup: Watch 50 Epic One Liners By Fameer Fuddi


top 50 dialogues of fameer fuddi from bb ki vines

If you are a young Indian with an internet connection, it is almost impossible that you haven’t heard of Bhuvan Bam , The hutiyapa guy popularly known by his channel name “BB Ki Vines”.

BB has been a most recent sensation in YouTubers group with awesome backing and viewers engagement on his youtube channel BB ki Vines. Each Video is coming to around million perspectives and a huge number of supporters.

Bhuvan Bam has created many fictional characters to weave his stories. All these characters have their own traits and unique personality, accent and style. Bhuvan Bam aka BB is the protagonist. Bancho or Banchordas Chhatriwala is the closest friend of the Bhuvan Bam who literally repeats the word ‘bancho’ in almost every sentence that he says. One very famous character is Sameer Fuddi. He is a cousin of Bancho who speaks in a confusing manner.

Here are the top 50 dialogues of fameer fuddi from bb ki vines, he is ultimate character in bb ki vines, enjoy his epic reply and shayari.


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