12 Species of Boys You Will Find in Every Indian College


College means your last chance to live your life, especially when you are in India. As soon as you complete college you will be stuck in our responsibilities and social role plays that suck the life out of you.

Today, we fell into nostalgia and decided to bring those moments of college back to you with some sort of list. So, here it is. Here are the types of boys we find in almost every college of India. Don’t blame us if you too fall into memories after reading this. If you do; it means you lived your college life completely 😉

1. Flabbergasters


The most sought after boys of college. They are always up for events, activities and public gathering. They are superb dancers or singers or team leaders and they are astonishers. It looks like god has made them to charm only. They are favorites of girls, authorities and even madams. We always try to figure out what they eat and why they are so easy to get along with!


2. Hardcore Gangers

People who’ve got the dark swagger. They might not be much witty and they are definitely not good at study but they always walk around fearlessly. These people easily drop the classes and call even elder peons by their name. They are always ganged up and no one dares to lampoon them, not even teachers. Because their friendship and enmity, both are harmful. People keep good relations with them so that they would always stand stronger in case they have fight with someone.

3. Lazy Lads


Those who-cares-species who hardly appear once a week and are as rare-to-see as the moon of Eid. They are always in the last-days compulsory attendance list and they somehow just pass and move from one to another semester. Sometimes they fail and are pushed a year backward but they really don’t care who they study with because they are not going to be in class anyways.

4. Serious Souls


Boys who are always covered with worries. They are always first to go to the faculties and ask for the upcoming assignments. Their attendance always seem to top the chart and they are like the moving sirens that sometimes blow even without a reason. These people are often found in groups that are non-happening and faded away in the events and occasions, but they are reputed among teachers.

5. Careless Ganwars


A quite similar breed to the hardcore gangers, but they don’t believe in violence. They just believe in spitting around, laughing at short skirts and commenting in dance, music and public events. They are always in second tier and they are just in the college to get a degree so that after completing their college they would easily get a girl to marry from their caste.

6. Defective Assholes


Socially-awkwards who just exist on the earth for no reason. Neither have they any sort of zeal nor the seriousness. When you call them, they try to smile and comment wittily but they always fail. Getting in groups is their worst nightmare because they are never even with themselves. They seem to look at the board but they hardly are. They are always sleeping in their mind, blaming themselves upon why they are like this.

7. Hipsters


Michael Jacksons and Snoop Doggs who have always got swagger. Teachers hate them due to their tattoos and fancy clothing but they are quite cheered up by students and peons. If any new movie accessory is out in the market, you can always borrow it from them because they would surely have bought it. These may-be-rich lads are girls’ first go-to if they are dump by their boyfriend. They are good at heart in most of the cases and they are mostly sociable too.

8. Enthus


Ranbir Singhs who always feel the atmosphere with energy wherever they go. They are most eloquent hosts and anchors in college events. They make everyone smile and they are everyone’s favorite. Just one thing they are bad at is their studies. However, they seem to successfully shift their careers to something social on completion of their studies.

9. Robots


People who don’t think much but they just are. They come to college, attend the periods and leave the college. They never share anything about them and they hardly have any friend. Average or above average in study, they are just to add one more in the class strength. They are sufficient on themselves and they don’t need you or anyone else. Nothing makes difference to them, neither a celebration nor an assignment. Whatever they are handled, they just do it.

10. Hulks


Some peaceful minds who are usually good with people and are worth the due respect but if you tease them a much they transform into scary creatures. They are good to be with but not fun because you can never crack a joke on them. Plus their physical appearance and strength ensures you that they are like the trucks better to maintain safe distance from.

11. Chamchas


The most hated creatures of students’ universe and the most right-at-the-toe-tips ass-scratchers of teachers and authorities. These sly people look like Batman but they are jokers in fact. They have immense fun in getting their colleagues punished and they always get good marks. Often found among the top 10s of class, these people are also sought after a lot but they are always as safe as cockroaches.

12. & Passionate Ninjasclassmate


The lighthouse brand students who keep inspiring others. These people have the most medals and the most envious amount of achievements. They don’t just study to get a degree; they are the horses of longer race. They work hard, try to be sociable and are often found in the college’s announcement boards on the entry gate because they are the ones who in fact will lime light the college in news papers.

See, we tried our best but we might still miss some species in this list. Do you know any of them? Let us know. Meanwhile, have a look at our cool range of men’s t-shirts, hoodies and gym wear. You will love them.

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