Top 10 Weirdest Examples of Bad Luck that’ll Blow Your Mind Away


If the destiny has decided to spank you badly, it will do it. Anyhow. However, getting discouraged with just a few small problems in life is absolutely a stupidity and people often blame their bad luck for this. If you think you are also having a bad luck, you probably need to rethink yourself.

We’ve read numerous stories that show what real bad luck is and all that stories are real and shocking as hell. After reading this 10 stories of them, you might want to consider yourself anything other than unlucky.


1. Henry Ziegland:
Deadshot by the same bullet that missed him 20 years ago and was lodged in a tree

In 1893, Henry Ziegland, a man from Honey Grove, Texas, USA ditched his lover unexpectedly and traumatized by this happening, his lover committed suicide. Her brother angry upon Henry, came for revenge and shot at Ziegland. The bullet had only grazed his face and hit the tree instead, but the brother thought the Ziegland was dead and committed suicide himself too.

20 years after that incident, in 1913, Ziegland was trying to cut down a tree that was too hard to chop. Seeing the stubbornness of tree, Ziegland decided to blow it off the ground using dynamite. The explosion took out the tree but it was the same tree the bullet shot at him had lodged in. Surprisingly, the explosion made the bullet fire at his head and he was dead shot in a moment!

2. Friedrich Riesfeldt:
Suffocated to the death under poop of the elephant he used to feed

In 1998, Friendrich, who was a zookeeper at Paderborn, Germany found that one elephant at zoo was constipated. As he knew that constipation could be lethal for elephant, to make him poop, he fed the elephant with 22 doses of animal laxative and more than a bushel of berries, figs and prunes.

After that, while he was scrubbing that elephant from back, the elephant having ingested unusual amount of food and laxatives, suddenly evacuated a forceful load of poop which knocked him down on the ground. His head being struck with a rock beneath, he fell unconscious right there. The elephant, totally unaware of the happening, kept pooping atop him and suffocated him to the death. At least an hour later, when another watchman found Friedrich Riesfeldt knocked on the ground, he was totally laden beneath a tankful of the elephant shit!


3. Melanie Martinez:
Bought the home and lost it five times in hurricanes. Finally decided to settle on a hill! 

The American Bus Driver Melanie is arguably America’s unluckiest woman. She built a house four time and all the four times, her house was wiped out by a hurricane- in 1965 by the hurricane Betsy, by Juan in 1985, by George in 1998 and by the hurricane Katrina in 2005. Finally her luck changed and a reality TV show selected her ramshackle house in Braithwaite, south of New Orleans, for a makeover.

After spending $20,000 transforming her home with a new kitchen, new cupboards, and new appliances – including a 50 inch smart TV, the home was handled to her at last. However, as if her miseries were still not enough, she lost her fifth house too in the category 1 hurricane named Isaac. Spanked by the bad luck so hardly, Melanie now wants to live somewhere in a hilly area so that a hurricane could not even touch her!

4. John Lyne:
Struck by lightning, been run over by a delivery van, hit by a bus and nearly drowned. 16 accidents and counting

Also known as ‘Calamity’ John Lyne, John Lyne is believed to be the Britain’s unluckiest man. By the age of 64 years, he has survived a terrifying array of 16 accidents or near misses. He has been struck by lightning, been run over by a delivery van, hit by a bus and nearly drowned.

There was the time a stone, propelled by a catapult; hit him in the mouth smashing eight of his teeth and lastly his back and knees got damaged after plummeting down the manhole cover.


5. Joe Green:
Did a single mistake and he lost $400 million for his life

Have you heard about Facebook? Of course, every third person on this earth knows about Facebook. After all, we all are so addicted to it; but Joe Green has his worst regret of life connected with Facebook. Joe was the romm mate of Mark Zuckerberg when he was studying in Harvard.

At the time when Zuckerberg was dropping out of the college for creating Facebook, he had offered him the partnership. However, Joe decided to give in to his dad’s fear and continued studying in Harvards. This mistake of his life has cost him millions of dollars which he could have made otherwise, making him one of the unluckiest person on the earth. If he had been with Zuckerberg he would have been a Billionaire for sure!


6. Costis Mistokis:

The whole village won millions of dollars worth lottery, but he didn’t

There is a lottery draw held in Spain every year on Christmas. The draw prize is so huge that it’s called El Gordo- means “the fat one”. In year 2011’s Christmas lottery draw, the people in a small town of Spain named Sodeto bought a lottery from their local Homemakers’ Association collectively. The price for each ticket was £4 and the lottery prize, if won, would be divided among the people based on the number of tickets they bought.

When the draw results came up, the winning number was the one that the village had brought collectively. They had won a $950 million first-place prize, making each of the 70 participants almost millionaire! The whole village celebrated that day by dancing except one man named Costis Mistokis. Mistokis had not bought any lottery ticket because he was not aware about it! Turns out the folks of Homemakers’ Association, who had come to sell the tickets of lottery, had not knocked on Mistoki’s door by mistake!


7. Roy Sullivan:
Struck by the lightening 7 times, ended up his life with suicide

An American forest ranger Roy Sullivan was struck by lightning seven times in his life and he officially holds the Guiness World Record for the most lightning survived! When the lightning stroke him the first time, it was 1942 and he lost his toe nail in it. In 1969 it happened again and  he lost his eyebrows. In 1970 his left shoulder was seared by the lightning, in 1976 his ankle was injured and in 1977 he got severe chest and stomach burns.

After facing seven benumbing lightning strikes he ended up his life committing suicide in 1983 when he got rejected in love!

8. Grigory Rasputin:
Was murder attempted thrice in a single night & left in an ice lake for drowning

Grigory was a Russian peasant, mystical faith healer and a trusted friend to the family of Nicholas II, the last Tsar of Russia controversially known for the influence he exerted on his depressed wife. In 1916 Rasputin was given tea laced with cyanide by Russian nobles eager to end his influence on the royal family.

However, he did not die and another attempt was made to murder him. This time he was shot in the chest and still survived. Finally he was shot in the kidney and was dragged and dumped into an icy lake to drown till he died. And all this happened in just one night!


9. Jason and Jenny Cairns-Lawrence:
Witnessed three of the world’s most traumatizing terrorist attacks while travelling

This English couple is probably the most traumatized couple on earth who have seen history’s most terrible terrorist attacks live. On September 2001 when the World Trade Center was attacked, they were on their visit to New York spending their vacation. Four years later on 7th July 2005 when the worst terrorist attack happened in London, they were visiting London.

As if this was not enough, In 2008 when Mumbai’s Taj Hotel was attacked by some gun and bomb laden terrorists, they happened to be in that hotel spending their exotic vacation. However, this time, they didn’t leave the city but completed their vacation because they were too pissed off by such disturbances that seemed to happen only during their vacation!


10. Esquivel Cabrera:
The loneliest man with the longest phallus on the earth

Mr Esquivel Cabrera is probably the manliest man on the earth if we measure the manhood by the size of penis! With officially 18.9 long and a Kilogram weighing penis, he is the record holder for longest penis in the world and he is still single forever. Due to his unimaginable penis size he is often tormented by people and is forced to live alone.

In 2011 Mr Cabrera was deported from US to Saltillo in the north-eastern Mexican state of Coahuila, where he lives alone in a room given to him by his brothers. He survives on social assistance and scavenges for food and materials on waste dumps. Despite such an enviable ornament, he is totally unable to use it!

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