This Is The Shocking Story Of IPL10 Umpiring So Far. Looks So Funny and Stupid Too.


david warner

The poor performance of the Indian umpires came under spotlight after an embarrassing error from on-field umpires C. K. Nandan and Nitin Menon, who allowed Sunrisers Hyderabad’s David Warner take strike after hitting a boundary off the last delivery of sixth over against Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League’s (IPL) 10th edition.

The incident happened when Warner glided Jasprit Bumrah’s last ball of the sixth over to the third-man fence and then, surprisingly, went on to take strike off the first ball of the next over from Mitchell McClenaghan.

shikar dhawan and david warner

Even his partner Shikhar Dhawan wasn’t paying too much of attention to what was happening as he should have gone to the skipper to tell him that he made a mistake. What was more surprising was that the Mumbai Indians didn’t appeal to the umpire about this incident.

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Take a look what happened there:-

5.5: Bumrah to Warner, FOUR! Warner expertly placed a moving delivery to the left of a chasing third man. No power there, all timing. Warner just used the pace provided to him by Bumrah.

6.1: McClenaghan to Warner, 1 run, full on the stumps, Warner tried to hoick it to long on, but ended up skying the ball to the leg side. It reached long on in one bounce.

After witnessing the incident of a sneaky move by David Warner, Aakash Chopra and Brad Hogg took to Twitter and said

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