WTF! 15 Super Weird Photos Of Bollywood Stars! You Would Not Believe Exist


We’ve all done embarrassing stuff in our lives, but because we’re not famous (yet), nobody apart from our immediate family and close friends can mock us for it. Sadly, celebrities aren’t that fortunate. Which is why, when we stumbled upon these eyesore-level pictures of some of our favourite 90s stars from Bollywood, we had to share them with you. They’re awful, but you won’t be able to stop looking.

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#1. People were so invested in making thongs for men that they forgot to make ’em any shirts. But hey, Anil Kapoor’s got it covered!

#2. This picture, is well, bangin’!

#3. Surely there are other, less eye-hurting ways of testing your deo, Vindoo?

#4. We don’t know what is more outrageous, his pose, his outfit, or the come-hither look in his eyes.

#5. This much tinfoil would have kept my lunch warm throughout school.

#6. Of course nothing says “born again” other than a dude playing pregnant, with a ball tucked inside his shirt.

#7. Talk about eating healthy, Madhuri was even WEARING healthy back then.

#8. Thank god for that strategically placed hand.

#9. Another scandalous pose, with the dirty look in the eye. Oh how shall we resist their charms!

#10. Is that a bejewelled sea creature on her head?

#11. Is this some good ol’ fashioned ‘sister love’ or budget cuts on the photoshoot wardrobe?

#12. Nothing says romance more than grabbing the crotch of your girl.

#13. Well! Maybe Helen is promoting healthy eating with the fruit salad on her head.

#14. Go girl power!

#15. We had to take a double look at what she was holding. For a second there we thought it was a …

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