10 Ways Modi Is a Perfect Youth Icon of India


After a long time we Indians have got a leader young by actions and influential to the world. While the country has started showing sturdy economic growth, one undeniable factor is our PM Modi. We don’t know much about politics and neither we care but what we feel is this is the person who needs to be thought about.

At the age of 65, he keeps working surprisingly for hours and he is visiting Afghanistan changing India’s relationship status with another country as we are writing this. With the energy and attitude he carries himself with, he proves to be a perfect youth icon for the country. And if you have any argument against this, we have got you covered.

After reading this about our PM Modi, you would hardly have any doubt on our speculation:

1. He is a tech-savvy:

Modi Is a Perfect Youth Icon of India

Right since his entry as a PM, Modi has been actively managing his social media accounts himself. It is not a rare fact that his official Twitter account @PMOIndia is the 2nd most followed politician profile on Twitter after Barack Obama. He was the first politician to use the futuristic 3d projection for election campaigning. He believes that technology is future and held meetings with top Silicon Valley CEOs to make India more advanced in technology sector. The attention he is paying to make India digital is something only a youngster could do.

2. He quit his common life for his true passion:

Modi Is a Perfect Youth Icon of India

One of the most impressive thing about Narendra Modi is that he is not in politics because he wanted to be a politician. He chose politics because he was always passionate about it. After joining in RSS he was fascinated to the politics and on finishing his higher education he dropped the studies and headed out of his home to live his dream -that was- to be a dedicated leader of his country.

In his young age in 1978, after he became a full-time regional RSS organizer, he furthered his studies and finished his Masters of Arts degree in Political Science. When he was the party secretary in Gujarat, he was offered the Deputy Chief Minister position, but he denied it saying “going to be fully responsible for Gujarat or not at all”. This is the attitude and clarity of dreams that he had in his mind. This passion is inevitable for every youngster to be successful.

3. He is progressive & trendy:

Modi Is a Perfect Youth Icon of India

He is not a conservative senior, he is a trendy patron. He is quite well known for his up-to-date clothing and progressive thinking. Being deeply engaged with Indian youth and social media, he always stay updated with trends. He is often found taking selfies with youngsters.

He is the first PM to execute a allot a separate budget and launch a dedicated campaign for the cleanliness. To make India level at global standards, he has made a big change in parliamentary procedures making them paperless. Plus, unlike the other politicians bragging over the same old agendas of women empowerment and reservation, Modi has made the development, sanity, health etc the core agendas which shows that he is damn progressive.

4. He is a big-thinker:

Modi Is a Perfect Youth Icon of India

Sometimes it seems to go over-the-top but Modi has never talked small and it seems in his actions that he hasn’t thought small too. The plans and numbers he presents at his meetings sometimes become the points of mockery but he always aims big, which shows his confidence on himself. A very common problem in us youngsters is of confidence and if you need an idol to gain it, Modi is the one himself.

5. He is rebellious:

Modi Is a Perfect Youth Icon of India

Quite similar to the way we have seen in movie “Rang De Basanti”, Modi had been a part of opposition to the system when he was a young RSS cadet. He used to protest and conduct the anti-bureaucracy campaigns while then-PM, Indira Gandhi, imposed emergency restraining the democratic rights of Indians. Due to his active participation in protests, he was always on the risk of arrest and hence he had to go underground during that period.

He doesn’t fear from protests and he always stays firm on his decisions which defames him as a dictator many times. But in all, it shows that Modi is not another forgoer, he is a rebel who always thrives for the rights.

6. A Buoyant Show-off

Modi Is a Perfect Youth Icon of India

The buoyancy with which he delivers his speeches and interviews, the way he boasts about his achievements and the claims he makes about his outputs does easily impress anyone. His skill of creating influence on masses and showing off his capability is worth learning for every youngster. Though he promotes himself this way, it doesn’t seem condemnable because of the zeal and buoyancy he reflects.

7.  He Is A Fitness Freak

Modi Is a Perfect Youth Icon of India

How sure are you about your fitness when you will be 60? But Mr. Modi works almost all day even without a slightest patch of fatigue on his face. The reason, of course is his love for fitness. He does yoga, meditation & exercise on daily basis that keep him fit and energetic. In his 2014 election campaign, Modi travelled more than 3 lakh kms to reach to the maximum Indians. This is far more than what Rahul Gandhi did!

His busy schedule, Gujju mindset and old age might not allow him to have a masculine, six-pack body but he is fitter than most of the people of his age bracket. He has been practicing this since his youth and it’s the way we all can stay fit too at our old age.

8. He’s damn quick-witted

Modi Is a Perfect Youth Icon of India

He used to be average in studies but no one could beat him in debates. While he is not a master of the words, his rhetoric is quite unmatched. Especially, for a political leader of his level, the wit he has is quite a rare possession. Whether you see him conversing with master arguer like Arnab Goswami or with the witty anchor Rajat Sharma, he seems to be efficiently at par with every person in front of him. His aptitude is not common and we youngsters can learn a lot from it.

9. He is a poetic patriot

Modi Is a Perfect Youth Icon of India

If you glance into his biography, you will find that everything he has done in his life is for sake of his nation. Though he was alleged for some ethnical biases during communal riots of Gujarat 2002, he effectively put things together to work in his favor because of his patriotic inclination. Apart from being a patriot, he is a poet & writer too. He has published his own collection of Gujarati poems and co-authored more than eight books.  Below is one of his beautiful poem sung by the popular Bollywood Singer Parthiv Gohil.

& 10. An alpha male

Modi Is a Perfect Youth Icon of India

Whatever he does, wherever he goes, the charm follows him. Whether he is a CEO of a world’s most popular website or he is a Prime Minister of a country, everyone listens to Narendra Modi when he speaks and everyone seems to be impressed by his positivity.

In women psychology it is said that since the humans were primeval, girls were always attracted to the most powerful men in the herds. Such men used to have psychological and sociological dominance over the others and they were called Alpha male. Your chances of getting a girl are highest when you are an alpha male and Modi is an alpha male. So on a lighter note; By imbibing his tactics and body language, you can be one of the most impressive studs too!

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