9 Reasons Why Dumbest People Are Taken But You’re Single


Why are you still single?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Are you still waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right to come into your life? You may think that you don’t have any control over the situation, but you actually play a large role in meeting the man or woman of your dreams.

Here are nine possible reasons why you haven’t found them yet and why you’re still single.

1. You’re Not Interested in a Relationship

Not Interested in a Relationship

The first possible reason that you are single is that “You choose to be”. The only reason this wouldn’t apply to you is if someone is forcing you against your will to be single and you are unable to choose differently even if you wanted to. Since you are reading this, I will assume that is not the case  and you are making your own choices.

2. You’re too picky

You’re too picky



There are no perfect people. If you’re waiting for the next best thing to come along, you’ll be waiting for a very, very long time. Accept that there will be some flaws you’ll just have to deal with. Only you can decide what’s tolerable, but don’t be extreme once you do make a decision. If you don’t have any plans to settle down and get married, then be picky. But if you want to eventually tie the knot, you’ll have to stop looking so hard for what’s bad in others and start looking more at yourself and your reasons for magnifying everyone else’s shortcomings. You might be the problem.

 3. You’re Desperate


There’s nothing more unattractive than desperation. It’s pretty easy to see in people when they need something to happen. You can’t help but sense they are in it for their own gain and no-one else’s. If it seems like the more you chase after a relationship, the more it seems to run from you, you could be projecting desperation into your love life.

 4. You think all the good ones are taken

all taken

You see your best friend with a great catch and are thrilled for him. You are so happy your sister finally found someone so wonderful. But it makes you think all the good men (or women) are taken and that there’s no one left for you.

There are millions of single people in this world and a lot of them are really great. Give people a chance to show you their awesomeness. Just because a few good fish are taken, doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty other ones in the sea.

5. You’re so into yourself

your are yourself

Relationships require a lot of give and take from both parties. Don’t expect someone else to put all the effort in while you give nothing in return. If you are constantly thinking about your wants and needs, then maybe you aren’t ready to be in a relationship. Until you are prepared to care for someone else and put their needs above your own, live the single life.

6. You’re following outdated rules

out dated

There’s the three-date rule, the 24-hour rule, the three month rule, and on it goes. Stop living by crazy rules and start enjoying your life. All of this rule following will just leave you frustrated and involved in a highly superficial relationship. Be yourself and let nature take its course.

7. Your online dating profile sucks

online dating

We’re all about online dating. Not only is it an incredibly proactive way to grab your life life by the horns, but it really does work. According to a 2013 study by the National Academy of Sciences, more than a third of marriages in the U.S. start online, and these marriage are less likely to result in separation or divorce.

That said, in order to navigate the world of online dating with aplomb, it’s key to understand that the mighty profile is pretty much your ticket to meeting the types of people you want to meet.

8. You’re annoying on dates


This one might be tough to hear, but if you don’t make a solid impression on a first date, you’re not getting asked on a second. It’s that simple.

9. You’re scared of commitment 


As alluded to briefly above, for some men and women, Singledom is nothing to cry over. If anything, it’s a time where you can be in a relationship with yourself, and be in control of every aspect of your life. But there comes a time when the novelty will fade, and the Sunday spent in bed will feel empty and cold. So, when that day does come, prepare to sacrifice parts of your life for that future partner. All love requires sacrifice, and cutting your gym sessions down from 5 a week to 3 will hardly ruin your life. In fact, it will make it better.

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