7 Simple Style Hacks For Men to Stay Hot This Winter


Winter is in its full gust and atmosphere is freaking chilled. Even an early morning cup of tea with my girlfriend is harder than solving a 50-step mathematical equation in such a biting climate. However, my looks is something I can’t bargain with! Being an eligible bachelor yet, I have to look cool and sexy everywhere I go– who knows where the opportunity is waiting for me 😉 My dress up is something that keeps me confident and the winter must not hamper it. So today I am gonna share my simple style secrets that keep me feeling hot and looking cool even in the winter.

1. Wear headphones while outing

Though our ears are not as sensitive as dogs when it comes to listening, they are quite temperature sensitive and it becomes fucking necessary to cover up them while going out in winter. While ear bends and head wraps are good for keeping the ears warm, headphones are also great at covering them and isolating from the outer atmosphere. By wearing headphones instead of ear bends and head wrap, you will stay warm & look cool at the same time.

2. Replace your sandals, slippers and moccasins with ankle shoes

Remember “Baby”- the first hit of Justin Bieber? So damn cool he looks in those ankle shoes. Ankle shoes are rare to see and hence fashionable too. Though wearing sandals, slippers, moccasins etc is great for the summer, ankle shoes are best for winter. Shoes are probably the last thing we notice in a person but when they are ankle shoes, they will surely get noticed.

3. Replace t-shirts with hoodies and full sleeve t shirts

Aah, I know that you can’t lop the t-shirts from your closet but I what about some upgraded or even cooler versions of them? Full sleeve t-shirts and hoodies are way cooler than the usual t-shirts and there can’t be a better season to wear them than the winter. Gone are the times when full sleeve t-shirts were worn by some nerdy students only. They are in fashion. Have a look at SayItLoud’s range of full sleeve t-shirts if you don’t believe me. And boy, even Eminem wears hoodies!

4. Have longer hair and beard

And lastly, a best one for idles like me! Don’t shave and don’t get haircut as far as possible! Be it Bob Marley, Che Guevara or our very desi stud Ranbir Singh, all they look awesome in beard and lengthy hair. There are many interesting articles about how beard and long hair help your health but you probably never gave a thought about their capability of fighting the cold. It’s a common sense that they reduce the skin area exposed directly to the cold. So why not flaunt it?

5. Start using helmet

I hate helmets to their core but now-a-days they always stay on the top of my head wherever I’m riding my bike. However, the reason is not the traffic rules, it is the fucking cold out there. And I feel like John Abraham every time I park my bike in my college campus, remove my helmet and find shawties checking me out!

6. Add mufflers to your closet

Why the hell could only Salman Khan wear muffler and sing “Masha allah, Masha allah”? I could do it too! I see winter as a show-off opportunity as mufflers seem legit in cold only. During summer it would be insane and in monsoon I would get fungus if I keep wearing my muffler :P. It keeps my neck warm, which is often ignored by most of us.

7. Wear beanie caps & gloves

I was always a devoted viewer of “American Choppers”, but I literally fell in love with the bikers attire when I saw Ranbir Kapoor riding through the roads of Ladakh in “Roy”. I love the way he was styled in the movie. In that song “Tu Hai Ki Nahi” particularly, he was looking literally smashing! The cap he is wearing in the song is called beanie cap. It looks fabulous and it would look even better if accompanied by some biking gloves. So, helmet + gloves + beanie cap = a smashing biker look!!

Liked them? I know I’m smarter but I’m sure you are bloody smart too. Leave your comment below, we would love to hear your ideas for winter fashion. We might feature your idea too in our future posts 😉

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