Somebody Leaked Zakir Khan’s Show ‘Haq Se Single’ On & It’s Viral. Watch It Before YouTube It’s Taken Down!


If you’re an AIB or standup-comedy fan, you must have heard of Zakir Khan. He is one of the rare comedians who have set their own standards by performing in their unique style. If you’ve ever heard him performing on stage, you must know that he rarely does comedy in English and most of the time his medium of delivery is Hindi. Zakir recently did a house full show called ‘Haq Se Single’ which, as the name suggests, brought some humorous aspects of single guys’ lives in highlight. The show was so hilarious that audience were left laughing like anything.

Just like every time, Amazon Prime has uploaded his video for their Prime subscribers but as it is a paid service, only those who have purchased it will be able to access it. Thanks to a generous unknown guy on the YouTube though. The show is full available on YouTube. Even if you’re not a Zakir Khan fan, this is something you will be able to relate to if you’ve ever lived a bachelor life & make you ROFL. Watch it before YouTube takes it down!

Alternatively, if you’re an Amazon subscriber, you can watch it on Amazon Prime at following link:

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